small [smôl]
[ME smal, narrow, slender < OE smæl, akin to Ger schmal, narrow < IE base * (s)mēlo-, smaller animal: see MAL-]
1. little in size, esp. when compared with others of the same kind; not large or big; limited in size
a) little in quantity, extent, numbers, value, duration, etc. [a small income]
b) of slight intensity; of limited degree or scope
c) consisting of relatively few units; numerically low
3. of little importance or significance; trivial
4. young [a book for small children]
5. having relatively little investment, capital, etc. [a small business]
6. small-minded; mean; petty
a) of low or inferior rank; ordinary; not notable
b) modest or humble
8. gentle and low; soft: said of sound or the voice
9. diluted; light; weak [small ale]
1. in small pieces
2. in a low, faint tone; softly
3. in a small manner
1. the small or narrow part [the small of the back]
2. [pl.] small things or articles collectively
3. [pl.] [Brit. Informal] Brit. Informal
feel small
to feel shame or humiliation
SYN.- SMALL and LITTLE are often used interchangeably, but SMALL is preferred with reference to something concrete of less than the usual quantity, size, amount, value, importance, etc. [a small man, tax, audience, matter, etc. ] and LITTLE more often applies to absolute concepts [he has his little faults ], in expressing tenderness, indulgence, etc. [the little woman ], and in connoting insignificance, meanness, pettiness, etc. [of little importance ]; DIMINUTIVE implies extreme, sometimes delicate, smallness or littleness [the diminutive Lilliputians ]; MINUTE2 and the more informal TINY suggest that which is extremely diminutive, often to the degree that it can be discerned only by close scrutiny [a minute, or tiny, difference ]; MINIATURE applies to a copy, model, representation, etc. on a very small scale [miniature painting ]; PETITE has specific application to a girl or woman who is small and trim in figure

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